Interact E-transfer

Payment by E-transfer

This is a step-by-step guide on how to make an Interac E-transfer.

How to pay with E-Transfer

In order to make a payment with you must have an online bank account. Your bank will have a process for you to send an E-transfer through their online bank or banking app with your bank account.

Use the debit option which is discreetly accepted by our service provider and will not be showing a marijuana related transaction on your statement.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have made purchases from in the past, we may have changed our payment email and answer to the secret/security question. Please make sure that you always check that you are using the current email address for E-Transfers, this will always be in your email once you place your order, it will have the recipient’s name, recipient’s email address, and secret/security answer.

Complete your online order now:

  • Login to your online bank account via a web browser or on your banking app.

  • IMPORTANT: The recipient email should be [email protected] when selecting us as a payee in the e-transfer section of your bank account. All orders must have the correct payment details in order to complete the transaction. If you refer to the "Waiting for Payment" email that we sent you once you submitted your order, all the correct and updated payment details are listed in the email.

  • Follow the debit E-Transfer instructions of your financial institution.

  • Please remember that the security question is your order number, please use your 5 digit order number, this will be given to you in the “Waiting for Payment” email that we sent to you.

  • Send an e-transfer payment for your order total (including shipping, if any) to our current payment email (this email is provided in your order confirmation email). The answer to the secret/security question is in the email as well.

  • Once your E-Transfer payment has been received and accepted on our end, you will be sent a Canada Post XpressPost tracking number.

High volumes of E-Transfers can take time to process, If you have not received a confirmation email from your financial institution that we have received and accepted your email transfer for your order, the funds are still in your account and you still have control of those funds and the E-Transfer. Until you receive that confirmation email, you can cancel the E-Transfer if you log into your bank account and search for pending E-Transfers. If you don’t wish to cancel, please be patient and once you receive the confirmation email that we have your E-Transfer, your order will be immediately processed and shipped out to you.

USDT Payment

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